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JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School


JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School

JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School

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2 months ago @ 9:42AM

Spectator Availability for HS Basketball Games/Wrestling Matches

This will be updated as schools policies are adjusted: Updated 1/25/21


James Irwin Home Bastketball Games & Wrestling Matches - spectators allowed except for Sat., 1/30.  Visiting schools and JI teams will provide a gatelist as each team will be allowed 25 spectators each at each game as of now according to the El Paso County Health Department.

Wednesday, 1/27 - Girls' Bball @ Atlas - NO SPECTATORS

Saturday, 1/30 - Away Wrestling @ Falcon - NO SPECTATORS (on the NFHSNetwork)

Saturday, 1/30 - Home Girls' & Boys' varsity games vs. Centennial - NO SPECTATORS (at the request of Centennial; if this changes, we'll update here) - on NFHSNetwork

Here's what our Tri Peaks Schools are doing for broadcasting basketball games/wrestling matches as well as current spectator policy:

Banning Lewis - on YouTube - BLA Athletics - (24 visiting spectators)

Buena Vista - on YouTube - BVHS Athletics - (NO SPECTATORS)

CSCS - likely on YouTube - (spectators allowed)

Ellicott - on NFHSNetwork - (spectators allowed)

Falcon (wrestling) - main gym on NFHSNetwork (12:00 match), working on the Aux gym (9:00 match) - (NO SPECTATORS) 

Fowler (wrestling) - on NFHSNetwork - free - (NO SPECTATORS)

Florence - on YouTube (NO VISITING SPECTATORS)

La Junta - on NFHSNetwork - (NO SPECTATORS)

Lamar - on NFHSNetwork - (spectators allowed)

Manitou Springs - on NFHSNetwork - (spectators allowed)

Salida - on NFHSNetwork - (NO SPECTATORS)

St. Mary's - TBD

Valley - TBD

Vanguard - on NFHSNetwork - (limited spectators allowed)

Woodland Park - on NFHSNetwork (NO VISITING SPECTATORS)


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