JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School


JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School

JAGUARS Athletics

James Irwin Charter High School

Announcements and Important Events

Quick Summary of Zoom Parent Meeting - Wednesday, 2/20

Mask Requirements - from State Health Department

Basketball - masks are required at all times

Cheer - masks are required at all times except when actually performing their 2:30 minute routine in competition

Wrestling - masks are required at all times except when competing in a dual and while working one on one in practice


James Irwin home games - Spectators will be allowed at all home games/matches except for varsity basketball on Saturday, 1/30 due to the visiting teams' superintendent's request.  A gate list will be developed from the participants requests for who to be there (we assume parents/family will be their request.)  There will a separate gate list for each individual basketball game and the gym will be emptied after each game.  Plan on showing an ID to get in.

Away game/matches - There is another announcement that lists the current policies of our opponents which could change as the seasons go on.  I will send a gate list to them as well for who can get into the games.

Game/Practice Check-In

We are using a QR system to check in at all practices and games for all of our players, coaches and spectators, as are several of our opponents.  You will scan the code and answer a few screening questions before your temperature is taken.  IPhones can typically just use their camera while some other phones require a separate QR Reader.

Help Needed

We will be looking for some game day help as we always have in the past.  Each sport's set of parents will receive emails from Mr. Prusinowski on what's needed for the upcoming games, but we typically need help with the scorebook, clock, collecting money and concessions (which is very basic this year.)  In addition, he's looking for a couple parents who would be willing to help with sanitizing the gym between games and matches.  For basketball, we have to empty the gym and sanitize every area we had players/spectators.  For wrestling, we'll have to sanitize the mat and bench areas that are switching teams.  If you help in any of these areas, you won't need to pay the admission fee for the games.  Please let Mr. Prusinowski know if you are able to help out in any of these areas.

Transportation to Away Games

This policy has not changed.  We provide transportation to all away games out of town.  When we do, players are expected to ride to the game/match on the school transportation and may be signed out with the coaches to go home with the parents after the game if available.  For games in town, players need to get to the games on their own by either car pooling with friends or other parents.  This is also listed on this website if you click on the individual game and look at the transportation listed.  Coaches will work with players before the games to make sure they have rides set up for those games.  Coaches are not allowed to transport players to these games.  

Athletic Fees

Our policy is that all past Athletic Fees are paid before the student receives a uniform to play in another sport.  So, please make sure all past fees are paid this week before your students first game.  

Email Mr. Prusinowski or Mrs. Rohde for any further questions.

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